Posted: 10/15/2010 in DJ, Nightlife


Yves Deruyter started his DJ career in 1985 and played in Belgium’s most famous clubs such as Cherrymoon, Globe, La Rocca, Extreme, … and also on the biggest events on the planet such as Mayday, Sensation, Trance Energy, Love Parade, Street Parade, Tomorrowland, Mystery Land, City Parade,…
He’s also one of the pioneers of electronic music in Belgium and started his artist career in 1992 on the infamous Bonzai label which is still his musical home today.

25 Years deejay Yves Deruyter on the
24th of December 2010 @ Cherrymoon with:

– 25 of the coolest DJ’s from Belgium

– 25 sexy dancers & gogo girls

– 25 different free gifts

– 25 free bottles of bubbles

– first 25 people get a free VIP treatment

with old skool music and new tunes…

For presales check out the Yves Deruyter Facebook Fan Page/Website/MySpace or Twitter.

More info will follow soon.

Location: Cherrymoon
Lokeren, Belgium

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