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Dj, Producer, Manager of Physical Gravity Recordings and Kiss My… Records! (official digital label of Kiss FM Ukraine).

Alex Nademski started his deejay career “officially” in late 2004, though it began back in 1990’s, while in his teen years they organized parties, dragging his dad’s old soviet-made speakers, amplifier and the double-deck boombox to school gym, recording tapes and actually implementing primitive mixing, as the boombox allowed to play two decks at the same time… After that, as many teenagers, Alex went through a period of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and other alternative, in addition to Depeche Mode, Prodigy

Belgian DJ Irvin Cee has started his second DJ career 100% digital and plays more than ever before on his musical feeling.

orange soda

Orange Soda is composed of two teenage, Tech House and House producers, both at the age of 13.
They have been producing for over two years and over that time, they have worked up themselves quite the reputation in the music industry.

Discover Marika Rossa

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Marika Rossa

There may be more djs than you can count these days, but after you see Marika Rossa perform, you’ll realize that she revives a huge gap in the industry. Her strong performances have taken her to Kiev‘s top night clubs and across whole Ukraine. Residency’s at Saxon and Forsage club (voted Ukraine’s #1 2008-2011) and countless showcases at Kazantip Festival has allowed her to polish her craft to near perfection.