Giovanni Molinaro

Posted: 05/19/2012 in Biography, Producer
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Giovanni Molinaro was born on a 21st of December, he is from Belgian-Italian nationality and lives in a small village near Brussels in Belgium.

He has been interested in all kind of music since he was a kid, and had always that “avant-gardist” spirit as far as his playlists research were concerned.

There is an emotion in all music styles, mankind just needs music. It is a fact.

At 14, he starts with his first remix with Dj Argone on a Pentium 3 and shares it all with his friends.

But then, teenage years take over and at 16, the 2 purposes in his life are to succeed at soccer and at school and music production is put aside.

It starts all over again when moving to his own place in 2009, he puts together a small home studio with monitors such as Mackie, Ableton, one NI audio control 1, and an equipment that only produces minimalistic pieces.

The main goal is to learn, he signed up on forums, follows classes through cam that take 4 to 6 hours a day.


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