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Autumn’s Blackest Night

a night among friends…

Leaves begin to change
A world begins to die
Skies turn dark and gray
Painting sorrow’s lonely cry

Winds begin to blow
Colors begin to swirl
Singing a dance there own
To the calling of the moon
 photo moon_zps18b17eff.jpg

Tom Hades

Tom Hades


Some things don’t need much of an explanation. Such is the case with the Belgian Techno maestro, whose career is moving him towards legendary status.

Covering all flavours within the techno and tech house genres with his productions released on respected labels such as Adam Beyer‘s Drumcode, John Digweed‘s Bedrock, Umek‘s 1605, and long-time collaborator Marco Bailey‘s MB Elektronics, it’s obvious that Tom Hades can tackle all dimensions of the sound with unparalleled ease.