Autumn’s Blackest Night

Posted: 11/24/2013 in Dance music, DJ sets, Downloads, Nightlife, Podcast
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Autumn’s Blackest Night

a night among friends…

Leaves begin to change
A world begins to die
Skies turn dark and gray
Painting sorrow’s lonely cry

Winds begin to blow
Colors begin to swirl
Singing a dance there own
To the calling of the moon
 photo moon_zps18b17eff.jpg

Ghosts begin to walk
Tortured in there souls
Dead have come to rise
With broken lonely tears

Soon white flakes will fall
Covering the naked trees
Through bitter cold and freeze
Autumn’s rot will disappear

Fall will dance its song
As the moon will call upon
Her children from deep sleep
No matter what there sin

She loves them all the same
With flesh that will decay
Souls that have been lost
Forgotten not this night

In darkness I shall feel
A cold chill on my face
Haunting as it seems
She will come to me

By Chance Motta

Autumn’s Blackest Night | Mixcloud – Re-think radio
Autumn’s Blackest Night |
01. Sven Wittekind – Voodoo
02. Nihil Young – A Brave New World
03. Julien Loreto – Aye Aye (Harvey Mckay Remix)
04. Scratch Massive – Nuit De Mes Reves (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
05. Jewel Kid – Crazy
06. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – Maudit
07. Gary Beck – Before The Crash
08. UMEK & Uto Karem – Eternity
09. Electric Rescue – Lowd
10. Pig & Dan – Savage
11. Hollen – Total Recess (Spektre Remix)
12. Pan-Pot – Kepler (Julian Jeweil Remix)
13. Ferhat Albayrak – Slave Code (Tom Hades Remix)
14. Sven Wittekind – The Twirl
15. Rob Hes – The Blue Pill
16. Gaga – Musk
17. Christian Smith – Indulge Me
18. Tesla – Matador
19. Holgi Star – Chrome
20. Maetrik – Paradigm House
21. Nihil Young & Ninetto – Doomed (Gary Beck Remix)

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