Rodriguez Jr. – Petropolis

Posted: 03/22/2016 in ClubNights Presents, EP, Producer, Techno
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Rodriguez Jr. 'Petropolis'

“Olivier Mateu (Rodriguez Jr.) will be the first to admit it; he’s never satisfied. From his time as a mathematics student in his nascent rave days in the French city of Montepellier, to the itchy musical feet that would only grow as the years progressed, and his time as one-half of influential live act The Youngsters on Laurent Garnier’s FComs label, he’s always striven to push himself to the next level – both creatively and technically.

With each release, you can simultaneously get the sense of an exquisitely talented artists who is grafting to get the most out of himself and his machines, while being astonished at the creativity and intricate sound design of his work to create stirring dancefloor-ready compositions that sound just as good a club or festival, as they do through a pair of headphones during a home listening session.

The generous four-track work is lead by title track ‘Petropolis’ – a master study in tension and release, the stripped back techno beats, summon the kind of sweat-dripping off-the-walls transcendental rave experience that’ll have you grinning for days afterwards. ‘Capitelle’, is vintage Rodriguez Jr., uplifting and melancholic in equal doses and is propelled by a muscular, compression-heavy bassline that builds towards a sublimely trippy crescendo.
Rodriguez Jr.Always one to technically stretch himself, ‘Sulfuric State’ sees the savvy sound technician utilize his beloved 303 not for a distorted, full throttle acid onslaught, but rather something far gentler; a mesmerizing and emotive nine-minute trip through time and space. The first sneak peek from the Frenchmen’s upcoming album, ‘Cily’ sees the tempo drop into dreamy ‘90s house territory, with subtle references to the classic French touch sound, but re-imagined in Rodriguez Jr.’s own fresh original way.

Check out all Rodriguez Jr.‘s new releases and don‘t miss his upcoming shows!”


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