Alex Nademski


Dj, Producer, Manager of Physical Gravity Recordings and Kiss My… Records! (official digital label of Kiss FM Ukraine).

Alex Nademski started his deejay career “officially” in late 2004, though it began back in 1990’s, while in his teen years they organized parties, dragging his dad’s old soviet-made speakers, amplifier and the double-deck boombox to school gym, recording tapes and actually implementing primitive mixing, as the boombox allowed to play two decks at the same time… After that, as many teenagers, Alex went through a period of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and other alternative, in addition to Depeche Mode, Prodigy

In 2004, inspired by legendary Global Underground mix compilations, Alex bought his first pair of vinyl decks, a mixer and a whole load of vinyls, that are now stacked in the garage… Soon the Technics’ were replaced with Pioneers though… Alex has played in such clubs all over Ukraine as: Soundplanet, Forsage, Privilege, Saxon, Xlib, Chocolate, Gienas Bar (Kiev), Holiday (Rovno), Amagama, Kolizey, Kumbary (Vinnitsa), Jam and Knockout (Cherkassy), Chicago (Donetsk), Dom, Hi-Fi, Meridian (Har’kov), Vega (Zaporozhye), Adrenalin (Pereyaslav), PartyZone (Alchevsk), Colloseum (Lugansk), Malibu (Evpatoria), Summertime (Sevastopol) и many others, as well as on Kazantip 2008, 2009, 2010, Deejay Parade and other open-air festivals in Ukraine, including closing after Tiesto in Har’kov show.

From spring of 2008 Alex had started is own radio show “Soundfields” on one of Ukrainian dance radios. The show included guest mixes of techno and tech-house deejays from all over the world. In 2008 Alex, with the help and partnership of Antonio DGomes, started his own digital label “Physical Gravity Recordings” – so to say UK-UA joint venture. By 2011 the label has become one of the biggest Ukrainian labels, encounting over 200 producers from literally all over the world and soon reaching a half-thousand of techno, tech house, progressive and minimal tracks in the catalogue.

Working on his own label, Alex actively cooperates with others, such as Musictracx Recordings (UK), Noise Planet Records (Bosnia & Herzegovina), ItaloBusiness (Italy), Little Green Men (Spain), Bavaria Recordings (Germany), 76 Recordings (UK), 24 Beats Records (Spain), Blackfinger Muzik (Spain), Flesh Recordings (Germany), Minimatracx Recordings (UK), UPA! Music (UK), Gam Recordings (Spain), 11 Hz Records (Brazil), Potobolo Records (France), Seaburn Records (Bulgaria), DFBH Records (Colombia), Bleep Bloop Records (Germany), Click Muzik (Argentina), Cyborgcrew, Baccara, Tight Lipped, Volt9, Cherry Pickers, Silver Screen. Meeting “Made In Heaven” dj unity, Alex soon joined the project, which resulted in the launch of their joint project “Made In Heaven Records” and “Made In Heaven” radio show on Kiss FM, and a whole lot of explosive back2back gigs in Ukrainian clubs and open air fests. Soon the cooperation with Kiss FM Ukraine led to a launch of another, more commercial sound label “Kiss My… Records!”, the official digital label of Kiss FM Ukraine.

Alex’s obsession with music regularly brings his original tracks and remixes, which include remixes for such Ukrainian musicians as “Sister Siren” (Ukrainian alternative band, made up of three beautiful and talented girls), Skryabin, Druga Rika, Gorchitza; his remixes encount top positions in rotation, including reaching the “hot track of the week” nomination.


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