Daniele di Martino



Daniele di Martino, born in Starnberg on July 31, 1986, is a german Disc Jockey and Producer.
He was affected by music in his earliest childhood. At the age of 4 he started playing the violoncello and had great success with it. He played in the Gasteig Munich and went on tour through the Outer Hebrids of Scotland several times.

When Daniele was 15 years old he began being interested in Disc Jockeying. At first he concentrated on Hip Hop but then quickly realised that it was the electronic music he would stuck to. After his first public performance which was in a club called Beach Club in his hometown Starnberg, he expeditiously found great success and popularity by using his intuition for choosing the right tracks for the particular audience. Today Daniele has already played in clubs like the Prinzip (Munich), the Blumengold (Cologne) and the Stübli (St. Moritz).

Besides his activity as DJ he studies at the Middlesex University of London where he will make the bachelor of arts in audio engineering in 2012.
Daniele di Martino is recognized as a young dedicated artist who aims high.




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