Gabriela Penn

Gabriela Penn


Gabriela Penn, dj and producer, Born in 1982 in Bad Muskau, Germany.
She was loving grewd up with her grandmother and partly with her mother in Weisswasser.
At a early age Gabriela was always walking around with her Walkman, playing recorded tapes with rare and obscure material. Always in love with the music.

When she was at a age of 19 she take her stuff and moved from Berlin to the Netherlands.
A couple years later she met some wheels of steel, and that was the beginning of her music career.
Her techno tracks always have a nice funky groove, combined with some nice warm, deep melodies.
With a strong eye for detail, her deep grooves are surely going to make you move.

Her first track ‘Radioactive Elephants From Mars’ was immediately in the Beatport Top 100.
At the moment is she very busy to drop sets on Mixcloud.
Watch this lady!
Because she is going to move your feet!


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