PatriZe was born in the winter of 1978 in Brussels.With a father from the french side of Belgium and a mother from the dutch side, he grew up in a suburb outside the capital. Soon, he knew music would be part of his life. At his young age, he bought his first turntables and records going from trance and hard trance thru techno to mellow house,… But it was really clear that progressive house was his cup of tea.

After playing in many clubs, afterclubs and many parties in the Belgian scene, his breakthru was the Pioneer Tour where he played together with Pole Folder (Bedrock, Reworck). In 2010 he won a well respected DJ contest (NightMuseum) in France where he did the warm up for the man himself, Guy J (Bedrock, Israel).
PatriZe’s skills are prefect transitions and the quality of his trackslists. His gentle vision of melodic tunes, gives him the opportunity to hammer some creative sets with a techy and progressive touch.

The next step in his life was moving to Thailand and checking the scene overthere. Developing his own sound and with the streaming of his Podcast (Asian Revelations) many requests came for guestmixes on several radio’s.

Nowadays he has radioshows in many different countries and still does guestmixes for well known artists. His residencies in Thailand are XXO Beach Club Jomtien and the monthly Beach Parties in Pattaya.

A touch of class to satisfy your senses.


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