Paul Edge

DJ Paul Edge


In the world of DJing, whilst others are content to play safe in return for fame and adulation, Paul Edge has always pushed the boundaries, forgoing the trappings of superstardom to stay true to his underground roots, whilst at the same time accomplishing far more than many more “famous” names.

The first DJ to not only cameo on the world`s number 1 TV show, CSI – Crime Scene Investigation, but also have his music featured in the same episode, a show that was ultimately watched by over 60 million viewers worldwide and was the 5th most watched episode during the 2008 series, beating the Linken Park episode by over 5,000,000 viewers in the USA alone . Paul Edge`s techno driven productions have touched millions of people worldwide. Not content with writing what is considered by many to be one of the pivotal records in European 90`s electronica, Metamorphosis of Narcotics by Twister, in the last few years Paul Edge`s productions have ripped up dancefloors at clubs and parties across the globe, be it Sequence 23, Wappi, 23 and many more. Add to this impressive list his accomplishments with his agit-prop series of viral movies, We Will Not Be Silenced, which influenced a whole generation in the USA during the early 2000s and achieved over 30 million views from 160 or so countries, his work with The Doors, Stone Temple Pilots and Metallica, his legendary weekly clubnight The Outer Limits. which dominated the UK techno scene in the late 90s, featuring regularily in MixMag`s top 5 clubnights in the UK, his numerous tours of the USA and Europe, all help to explain how his Live In Phoenix Vol2 mix was the most downloaded mix between 2003 and 2006, achieving an impressive 6 million plus downloads.

During 2011 Paul Edge had a number of releases including 23, a top 5 Juno Downloads track on Gobsmacked, as well as releases on Section 15, Contrast-R, Indica Recordings, SlapJaxx and PDM. He also provided remixes for Graham Walsh, Angel Alanis, Zombie in Progress and P-Styles. He had in excess of 15 tracks featured on Dave Clarke`s White Noise Radio show and in July had a 45 minute mix broadcast by Dave. He also completed 50 origina tracks a 3 hour live set which is made up exclusively of his own music and features 4 virtual decks.


Not To Touch The Earth


Back To Elite


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