Slava Ruzhynski was born in 1989 in a small town Irpen near the Ukrainian capital Kiev.
His journey into the world of music began with the moment when one day his mother having come a home put it before the fact that she recorded it in the music school for lessons in playing guitar and piano. Since then Slava starts to gnaw granite musical science and after a while he did not imagine his life without music!

After graduating from music school, begins to get involved in electronic music and his fascination with time acquires more serious forms. In the 16 years begins to learn on DJ, but eventually realizes that just be a DJ for him it is very small and seeking self-fulfillment in writing your own tracks. A year later, as an idea to create their own sound fully absorbed the mind of Ruzhynski, begin to appear first glimmers of success in producing music and his sound takes on forms of Techno and Tech House.

And now, after 2 years from the moment Ruzhynski gone into the world of electronic music in 2010 on We Are Genius Recordings out his first mini album, naming *Siren EP* which includes two tracks: Siren (Original mix) & High vibration (Original mix). Enlisting the support of such prominent figures, as  Dubfire, Popof, Loco & Jam, Eddie Halliwell, Slam , Bigger Than Jesus, Anderson Noise, Boys Noize, this EP has a considerable success.

A bit later, out another 2 EP : Depressed clouds EP (Taldor Records) & Lord of Destruction EP (WAG Recordings) that bring Ruzhynski name of a young and successful sound producer.

At the moment Ruzhynski is a resident of labels such as : : We Are Genius Recordings (UK) ,Dogma Records (Italy) ,CTS Records (UA).
The history of this character is just beginning. More is coming.


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